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  • Product Name:Solar garden lamp
  • Ideal for 

    - Residential quarters, villas, parks, squares, enterprises 

      and many other public place roads. 

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Solar module

  • 20W a-Si thin film solar module
  • 5 to 10 hours a day for lighting
  • Normal work life is more than 20 years, quality guarantee period is 5 years .  

Illuminant and Lamp Holder

  • 5W LED Lamp
  • Taiwanese chip of Jingyuan Brand, 80lm/W or above.
  • Life span 60000 to 80000 hours, quality guarantee period is 2 years .
  • Illuminant height:3 meters;other heights can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

Lamp holder

  • Housing material: aluminium die casting or stamping aluminium: lamp-chimney material: acrylic.
  • Lamp holder style can be customized according to customers’ requirements.


  • Control valve sealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery, capacity:12Ah, voltage:12V.
  • Autonomy (rainy days):3 to 4 days; normal work life 4 to 5 years; quality guarantee period is 1 year .
  • If using lithium battery, the normal life – cyclic depth of discharge is more than 1200 times, quality guarantee period is 3 years .


  • Specialized solar garden lamp controller, 12V/5A.
  • Functions: light & time control , over-charged & discharged protection.
  • Normal work life: 5 years or above, quality guarantee period:1 year.

Lamp Post

  • Hot dip galvanized coating.
  • Wind resistance 10 scale; Earthquake resistance 8 scale.
  • Normal work life:20 years or above.
  • Common colors: white and blue, other colors can be customized according to customers’ requirements.


  • Including the underground buried parts for battery and complete spare accessories for solar garden lamp.

Solar road lamp system is a  distributed power supply system, it cannot be limited by region or power station location. There is no need to dig the road surface, too. Construction and installation are all very convenient without power transmission & transformation system, especially for the roads that has been completed. It doesn’t consume mains supply, it is environmental and energy-efficient. It has good comprehensive economic benefit when it is used in the road far away from power grid and advertising board and bus stop etc.

  • - The energy comes from sunlight; charging during the day and using at night;
  • - Using LED illuminant, the lifetime is 100 times longer than common bulb;
  • - There is no need to lay pipes, and installation is convenient;
  • - Using intelligent control way during the process of charging and open or shut;
  • - No need to operate by people;
  • - Working stably;
  • - No power rate every year;
  • - DC low voltage, safe, maintenance-free.