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  • Product Name:Split wall
  • Solar lighting system-split type wall lamps are commonly fixed on the wall of building, and are widely applied to all kinds of buildings outdoor lighting as follows:

    - Wall lamps near the door of store outlets, enterprise and public institution for lighting.

    - Domestic outdoor lighting in communites and villa districts.

    - Using for new village systematic construction.

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  • In recent years, solar lights which are used for lighting projects have partly replaced traditional lighting, and become a new type of illuminant configuration. Because solar lights have many excellent characteristics such as environmental protection, energy conservation and  high efficiency, they are favored by public as soon as coming out. They are suitable for roads, courtyards, parks, schools, plateaus and the areas without external power source. They changed the pattern about environmental protection and energy conservation. We sparkplug green and environmental lighting way to ensure sustainable development, and do our best to make a contribution to all humans.

  • Solar split wall lamps have superiority on installation comparing with traditional outdoor lamps. For example, the way of installation is more easier and faster than before and can not be limited by  cable or pipeline. Whats more, the lighting system has light & time control function, pilot switch neednt artificial operation. Consumers can set lighting time according their own requires.