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Apply to outdoor LED sign in off-grid area, advertisement on the highway, improving the effect of advertising at night.The equipment can be provided according to the size of LED board.



          Basic parameters   Power 48W/9 pieces

          Size of LED board 15*5=75

          LED spotlight 20W/6 sets

          A-Si module 40W/9 pieces

          Battery 12V120AH/2 sets

          Controller 12V/10AH/2 sets

          Electric cabinet 10A diode 6 sets

          10A DC breaker 8sets

          110V/14KA surge protector

          50M Lamp line  twin-core sheathed line


          1Easy for installment, free of ditching, arranging wires.

          2Zero cost, endless resource

          3Economic expenses, no need for grid

          4Operating conveniently, moving easily for light box

          5Safe operation, free of electric shock& fire

          6Long working life, easy to maintenance,  switch automatically

          7Green energy resource, enviroment protecting

          8Made of stainless steel,  good appearance, durable quality